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To The Ground

23.10.2019 Dukus Rock9 comments

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  1. to cover (wallpaper) with colors or other materials before printing. Electricity. to establish a ground for (a circuit, device, etc.). Nautical. to cause (a vessel) to run aground. Aeronautics. to restrict (an aircraft or the like) to the ground .
  2. 1. In or at a location where the real work or action is happening, as opposed to observing or directing something from a distance. We need to have reporters on the ground to .
  3. ear to the ground, to have/keep an To be well informed. The allusion here, one writer conjectures, is to the days of cowboys and Indians, when one literally put one’s ear to the ground in order to hear the sound of horses miles away.
  4. Oct 01,  · While we burn it to the ground tonight Oh Ticking like a time bomb, drinking till the nights gone Well get you hands off of this glass, last call my ass Well no chain, no lock, and this train won.
  5. drive/run/work sth into the ground to use something so much that it breaks or stops working: They decided to run the car into the ground instead of changing it.
  6. Translate The ground. See 32 authoritative translations of The ground in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.
  7. Jul 15,  · The CDC director says the US could get the coronavirus under control within weeks if we took just one step: mask up. "If we could get everybody to .
  8. Kathleen Lohnes was an editorial intern at Encyclopaedia Britannica in and She received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and creative writing in at the University of Iowa.
  9. 1 grounds plural the area around and belonging to a building. an escorted tour of the White House and its surrounding grounds. Synonyms for ground. demesne, park, premises. (also premisses), yard. Words Related to ground.

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