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Religion Is Mind Control

29.07.2019 Kazrakazahn Classic Rock9 comments

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  1. A Jehovah's Witnesses Convention: Where Mind Control of Religion reigns supreme. The act of shunning is part of the mind control of religion. Sometimes, just the fear of being shunned prevents a person from making needed changes in their lives. Why? As humans in a group, we may feel afraid of displeasing our fellow members or religious leaders.
  2. Religion is a system of control used to play on peoples subconscious mind state. When you come into this world you were not born with any religious text attacted to you. Many churches pastors and other religious groups use scare tactics to get you to give in and give up your conscious mind state.
  3. Aug 01,  · Religious brainwashing is all about control. A person in a place of power misuses their position to meet their own needs instead of tending the people entrusted to their care. Very often, the people under their care are emotionally or intellectually fragile.
  4. Because that’s what organized religion is – control. It’s an easy way to take a group of people with like-minded beliefs, group them together and manipulate them for .
  5. Apr 23,  · Signs of Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control. April 23, April 18, by Felix Ngige. Brainwash is the act of making someone believe in some practices that are not sane or humane and preventing them from finding the true history about those beliefs. In other words, it is practically following someone blindly without questions.
  6. Jul 07,  · Religion & Mind Control Posted On July 7, One of the most interesting interviews I’ve done in recent years was for a feature-length documentary that has now appeared and available for viewing (e.g., Amazon Prime) called “The Search – Manufacturing Belief.”.
  7. Oct 11,  · In this video damnshejamaican talks about religion being mind control and how “we the people” need to raise our conscious level to higher degree in order to.
  8. Aug 08,  · Many religions utilize mind control techniques to ensure the loyalty of their membership. Through cleverly applied biblical teachings, they implanted a chip in my brain and constantly surveilled my every thought to make sure I lived in conformity with their demands at all times.
  9. A lthough cults differ in their belief systems they all use the same mind control tactics. The purpose of this article is to give you the chance to test yourself to see if you are the victim of well known manipulative mind control techniques. No one single religious group has been singled out in the following questions.

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