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South Pole

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  3. South Polls are bred to be slick-haired, small-framed cows with emphasis placed on high fertility, longevity, and calm disposition. South Polls are bred to excel on a grass based grazing system. Ultrasound and actual carcass data on the South Poll tells us that they are as tender, or more tender, than straight bred English cattle.
  4. South Pole provides the tools to achieve a low-carbon reality. Our team of over experts guide you towards innovative solutions to both mitigate risk and achieve your sustainability goals. Our offering. Sustainability Consulting. Understand your environmental impact, design a sustainability strategy and take climate action.
  5. Daily Life: Living at the South Pole station is a unique experience.. Working at the Pole: There is something for everyone at the South Pole; the station houses scientists, cooks, medics, construction workers, and even artists.. Antarctic Animals: Although the South Pole does not support animal life, Antarctica is home to an exciting array of mammals, birds, and sea life.
  6. Currently, there is no South Star as useful as Polaris. Sigma Octantis is the closest naked-eye star to the south Celestial pole, but at apparent magnitude it is barely visible on a clear night, making it unusable for navigational purposes. It is a yellow giant light years from Earth. Its angular separation from the pole is about 1° (as of ).
  7. Part of the Antarctic continent, the South Pole is one of the coldest, windiest and most barren places in the world. Despite its challenges and inhospitable weatheror maybe because of themit.
  8. Jul 13,  · The South Pole Wall is just half a billion light-years away. In fact, this is part of the reason it was so hard to find until now—it is situated right behind the Milky Way galaxy, in a place.

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